Kenneth J Casey Kunene Rafting

The whitewater adventure begins ...

In 1992 just four years after rafting the class 5 white waters of the Bashkaus River in Siberia, (then the USSR) Kenneth ‘Ken’ J Casey of Novato, CA hits the wild class 5 white waters in Africa, on the Kunene (Cunene) River. Just three months before Angola is set to elect their first President and National Assembly in a free and multi-party election.

Find out if he’s as good dodging sharp edged boulders as well as raft sized crocodiles in this unbelievable first whitewater expedition decent attempt of its kind. (which has yet to be repeated)

The Kunene River - Whitewater Attempts

  • In 1961 two canoeists tried to conquer the waterway. Unfortunately they indicated in their notes that they walked more than they canoed. 
  • About 30 years later a group of university students tried a section of the river with tragic results that ended with a drowning.  

Ken Casey

In 1992 the African white waters were calling … 

One in particular … the one that creates a natural border between the South African nations of Namibia and Angola, the Kunene River. A waterway that rushes out at the Skeleton Coast into the Atlantic Ocean.

The idea for this waterway adventure actually came from one of the canoeists from the 1961 attempt. Thus, this first of its kind exploratory expedition attempt to successfully descend the class 5 whitewater of the Kunene river began.

It’s an adventure of a lifetime. Only a few brave souls have tempted fate on this river. We all hoped that this time we all would survive on a successful descent on this magnificent whitewater. 

It's now June 11th, 1992 - let the whitewater adventure begin ... 

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